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The images above are great examples of Art Deco being used within retail design. As you can see there are images that show actual designs from the 1930’s and there are┬áthose that show how modern retail design has been inspired by this period and inparticular Art Deco. As part of my design for the Abbeydale Picture House I will be including an area for retail. After thinking a lot about expressing the building’s narrative through my design, I am hoping to introduce a modern twist on┬áthe Art Deco theme I have set for this project. It is important to be able to see what really is the original Art Deco features of the building as well as being able to define what it is I have added throughout my design. This will mean staying true to form which is a design ethos I try to stick by, easier said than done I must admit. If I am to replicate any Art Deco shapes or forms, I must do this in an obvious and modern way.

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